Northland Athletics offeriing youth training, football and cheerleading in Kansas City Missouri

Elite Training Classes

  • The Northland Training Facility offers an ELITE VERSION of our Speed and Agility Class for athletes in the Kansas City Missouri Metro Area. This class is tailored for athletes in the 5th Grade and higher and is designed to be a high school prep class. The difference in the Elite verision of our Speed and Agility Class is that our Elite Verision class is 1.5 hours and will have older more developed athletes attending this class. If you are unsure of which class to attend and our new to the Northland Training Facility, we recommend you start be attending a Speed and Agility Class.


    Our classes are open to the public so any athlete, both boys and girls, for any sport can attend our classes.


    Elite Training Class Description

    CLASS TIME: Please View Our Class Schedule
    CLASS DURATION: 1.5 Hour
    CLASS DAYS: Monday Night @ 7:30pm, Wednesday Night @ 7:30pm, Saturday Morning @ 11:00am
    INSTRUCTORS: Jim Tuso & Rodney Haney
    WHO IS IT FOR? Open to both boys and girls in the 5th grade or higher
    LOCATION: Northland Training Facility @ 1204 Swift, North Kansas City MO 64116
    PRICE: $15.00 per person (classes for boys and girls)




    Our highly rated speed and agility training class taken to the next level. This is a $15 group class and open to all athletes both boys and girls. It is an hour and 30 minute training class and will focus on agility and footwork drills.



    You do not need to pre-register for any of the classes, simply arrive at the specific time slot desired and pay at the class. All Classes can be paid at the location either in cash or by credit card.  We also offer a pre-pay option to pay for several classes in advance, please ask Jim Tuso about this option.



    Our goal is to teach our athletes that your effort is important. Hard Work = Improvement = Success which will get you results. Each class we select an Effort Champion which is picked by the class instructors for the athlete who worked the hardest and went the extra mile. This is not given to the athlete who jumps the highest or who runs the fastest but who gives the most effort for that class. This allows each and every athlete the same opportunity to be the Effort Champion. Champions then have their picture taken with one of our Championship Belts and our posted on our Northland Training Facility Facebook Page.


    Past Effort Champions for their effort and work ethic in one of the Speed and Agility Classes at the Northland Training Facility in Kansas City Missouri